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We love us some football. 🐶🏈 #doxie #football #dachshundsonly #goirish #gohawks #gopackgo #reagan #instadog  (at Hotel Deco XV)
Sep 7, 2014

We love us some football. 🐶🏈 #doxie #football #dachshundsonly #goirish #gohawks #gopackgo #reagan #instadog (at Hotel Deco XV)

Sep 6, 2014

Now I just want to decorate…

What a week! Boy was it long! At the same time, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was frantically calling moving companies, trying to get quotes. 

My big move is all done now! Almost… I still have one last load in my car that I just couldn’t bring myself to carry in. Between my own exhaustion, busy schedule (i.e. laziness), and my dogs pleading eyes for some cuddling, I opted to wait just one more day. Other than that I am all done! 

I love my apartment. It is amazing how just one block can make you feel like you are in a completely different place. Literally, I moved a block and a half, and I feel so much closer to the areas I have always walked my dog to, or the watering holes I frequent with my friends. For some reason, I also sleep here. I have insomnia, and maybe it is because I have been tired from the move, but I have actually been able to fall asleep and then stay asleep all night long. Huge for me!

I also really love how small this place is. My residences have progressively gotten smaller each time I move, and this one is just the perfect size for me. That said, it is entirely too small for all of my things! This means I have to reorganize, slim down, and be creative with the space I have now and I am actually so excited for this! 

I just want to go on the record here… I LOVE Pinterest. I think y’all probably already knew that, but it is official. I cannot tell you how many people ask me why I am always on it. (However, they do tell me that they are always stalking my boards!) I tell them I am always on Pinterest because I know I can always find something I need; whether it be a way to organize my coffee table, a DIY project for the dresser I put in my entryway, a certain kind of Mary statue I needed to find for my boss, or unique items I wanted to find for my puppy. There is always something

So now that I am (almost) all moved in, I have started to unpack and organize and decorate! Ooo how I love to decorate (say that in an Olaf voice)!! With this place, I have a feeling it will be a slower process, though. I ended up selling, donating, and just throwing away a lot of stuff. And I mean a lot - but I still have so much, so that will be the first part. The second will be just generically placing things where I think they should go. Organizing will be next, but this is going to take a while. See, when I said my place is small… I meant it. (We are not talking NYC small, but still, it is not big.) I mean, I don’t even have a drawer for my flatware! (Cue eyeballs rolling from people living in NYC and Boston, like my sister.) 

Honestly, though, I am rather excited for the challenge that this will actually be for me. Mostly because I get to hit Pinterest for all kinds of awesome remedies. If you check out my “Limelight” board, you will not only see interior decor inspiration, but also articles on how to make small spaces work for you! 

Let me know if y’all have small apartments and what your biggest struggle was. I would love to get some feedback on how to remedy my space!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Aug 31, 2014

Moving Pains

Woo! Boy, am I tired! I recently (on Wednesday) decided to move again, so I have spent the latter half of this week packing, cleaning, shopping, and organizing. But by the state of my apartment, I doubt you’d notice I did a thing. I have moved all of my art, my entire kitchen, one of my bathrooms, and the hall closet, which is a lot, but I still have the spare bed, master bed and bath, and the living room to do!

The last few times I moved, I did it all by myself and this time I decided I (and my back) just couldn’t do that again, so I scheduled All My Sons Moving to come bright and early on Tuesday and do it for me! However, I don’t want them to do everything (trying to be budget friendly here), so I have been slowly moving smaller things since Friday. The problem that I am facing is I feel like I just don’t have enough time for all the things I have to do!

How do you decide to move and then five days later actually… be… moved?! Well, I am finding out. When I realized that my normal system of moving wasn’t working today, I decided to rest up, get some online browsing/planning done, and start again tomorrow. 

Normally, my plan is to pack up (more on how I pack later) and move each room, one at a time. I like doing this because I close the door when I am done with each room as a sign to myself that I have cleared it out and checked it twice. I also like doing this because I like to unpack boxes as I move them in. I can have a sort of skeleton of organization, it is clean, and I don’t have to worry (or pull my hair out) over all the boxes littering my apartment. (I can reuse boxes this way, too!)

While I still prefer this process, I have realized that I don’t think it is working as well as it has in the past. This is mostly because I am crunched on time. I want to be out of this building on Tuesday - it was originally Monday, but I had forgotten about Labor Day. (And thank goodness for Labor Day! Not only does this give me an extra day to pack and clean before the movers get here, it also means I won’t have to juggle all of that with my classes!) 

Because my back was hurting so badly and I was really feeling the pressure, I decided to stop and reorganize. This is what I have decided to spend tomorrow doing. (Yes, you read that right. I have a week’s worth of stuff to do, but I am taking twelve hours off to basically lay around.) I am going to hard core pack and clean. No sleeping in, no running to my car, no stopping by the new apartment, and certainly no shopping (online doesn’t count, as you can see by my recent additions to Pinterest). I am going to make sure that whatever else left in the apartment, is ready to be taken by the movers and myself on Tuesday. 

How is this going to change my outcome? I think this will work better for multiple reasons. In the past, I have been able to slowly - over a month or two - pack up things I wasn’t going to use and throw out, sell or donate things I did not want to bring with me, so that by the time the week came to actually move, all I had to do was, well… move! I haven’t had the time to actually just prepare to move, and the preparation of tomorrow will do me wonders. 

I will let y’all know how that works (or if it works), but in the meantime, I hope everyone is having a glorious holiday weekend and please live it up for me tomorrow!



Neither of us can sleep so I threw on a movie. #101Dalmations #doxie #dachshundsonly #dalmations #insomniacs  (at Home)
Aug 29, 2014

Neither of us can sleep so I threw on a movie. #101Dalmations #doxie #dachshundsonly #dalmations #insomniacs (at Home)

Where am I? New York? @Starbucks #starbucks #downtownomaha #320rush #goldcard #30minutewait (at Starbucks)
Aug 28, 2014

Where am I? New York? @Starbucks #starbucks #downtownomaha #320rush #goldcard #30minutewait (at Starbucks)

Aug 28, 2014

Moving… Again.

So this last week and a half has been crazy for me. I got back in town from a work trip, I started a new semester, and now I am packing to move… again! 

This whole moving thing has really got me in a twist because since I came to Omaha five years ago, I have bounced from one dorm room, apartment, house, and townhouse to another. The latest one has presented it’s own issues, and while no place is perfect, it is, unfortunately time to go. I found a place that is actually just down the street from my current building in Downtown Omaha that is literally brand spanking new. My boss has always told me to live in new places - “old ones are disgusting!” - but I really love the charm of old buildings. My new building has just the right compromise. It is a converted shopping mall (just like my current place), but it just finished renovations and additions last week. My favorite part about it - after allowing dogs! - is that it is a really small development! It is a pet project of an older developer in Omaha, and his goal is to help beautify and bring life back to the Downtown areas. I love him already.

While I am so excited to be moving to this new place, I am really nervous about the packing and moving part. I hate moving. And I have a lot of stuff. I have my living room and almost all the kitchen packed up, but now for the scary part…. my bedroom! I have so much furniture and jewelry and clothes, that it is always a daunting task. Though, I think I have a system that will make this move much easier for me this time and I will be sharing photos and blurbs about it over the next week or so.

If any of y’all are moving, I hope these tips help you! 



PS - If you have any tips that might help me, I’d love to hear them!

Aug 27, 2014 / 1 note

Just how do you say “How do you do?”?!

Being back on campus has been really fun for me. I love school (and class) and I totally nerd out over it, but I think my favorite part of the college campus is the people-watching (and eavesdropping!). Especially the freshmen and sophomores. They think they are so grown up (I certainly did)! Something that I was really taken aback by was how easy they find talking to people they don’t know.

I think if you asked my friends, they would probably tell you that I am a very loud, talkative, and outgoing person. However, I think they will also tell you I wasn’t always like that. When I first started at college I quietly entered a group of people that somehow got invited to lots of events and I let the people I now call my “friends” do most of the work. I can remember sitting at lunch or dinner in the dining halls in the middle of a table (a place I strategically chose), just listening to the conversations; though I would interject little tidbits when I felt like I had something legitimate to contribute. I have a very dry sense of humor that not a lot of people get, but fortunately my friends excepted that and embraced me for it. 

Looking back at those memories, but observing the “kids” I see today, has really hit me. Freshmen are just casually asking for numbers - something I have never done - and asking them to sit with them at lunch just moments after they introduce themselves. 

I really admire this. I wish I could be the kind of person that just turns to the next and says, “Hi, I’m Gidel!”. I am getting a little better at it, but usually I can only find the gumption when I have a friend or two - at least - in the room. 

I don’t think I will ever be that girl who can totally light up a room, but I can certainly try to be more amenable to my environment. Just introducing myself to one person could lead to more introductions, or it could just make us both more comfortable! 

I have been setting goals at the beginning of every month, week, and day recently, and this is going to be added to this list. “Be more outgoing and confident, Gidel!” Because, ultimately, you never know what just one introduction will do to your life. 

Do y’all struggle with this, too? How do you deal with it? Do y’all have any cool friendships that came from randomly introducing yourself to a stranger?



PS - Good luck to everyone heading back to school or work after summer vacation!

Shoutout to my special little man, Reagan, who just makes me the happiest human in the world. Happy #NationalDogDay!! 🐶 #doxie
Aug 27, 2014

Shoutout to my special little man, Reagan, who just makes me the happiest human in the world. Happy #NationalDogDay!! 🐶 #doxie

He seriously finds his way to the middle every night. #doxie #dachshundsonly #dogsofinstagram #instadog #classicdoxie
Aug 23, 2014

He seriously finds his way to the middle every night. #doxie #dachshundsonly #dogsofinstagram #instadog #classicdoxie

Aug 12, 2014 / 1 note

I was naughty…. #doxie #doxiegram #dachsundsonly #dachshund #dogsofinstagram #instadog #weinergram #puppygram #naughtyboy #puppyeyes #Reagan